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Embodied Psychotherapy follows a humanistic, relational approach with a focus on the mind-body connection.


I am interested in you, and what you bring to the space, and how we can explore the relationship between your thoughts, feelings and behaviours utilising our embodiment as a relational resource.

Together we can reflect on your experiences and patterns, in what you do, feel or say, that may contribute to your difficulties or problems. Through understanding these connections and patterns, therapy can help you to establish deeper self-understanding and awareness so that you can have healthier, more fulfilling relationships with yourself and others.

The option to work creatively through movement, art, or other creative fields is also available to support you during the sessions.



Through the body we can become more aware of feelings and emotions, by connecting to the sensations that we experience, which can inform the thoughts we have in our minds (and vice versa).


Exploring the relationship between our mind and body allows us to understand more about how they interact and influence each other and how our mental, physical and emotional health can be affected.

My aim is to provide you with a safe space to slow down which offers the opportunity to talk through various issues as well as for self-development and growth.

I am influenced by the relational psychoanalytic and humanistic schools as well as process-oriented psychology so this guides me in my thinking, and helps me to understand how you may be experiencing the world.

Download a PDF copy of my flyer here.

I work with people experiencing a range of difficulties and problems relating to:

  • anxiety

  • relationship issues

  • mental health

  • pain management

  • neurodiversity

  • loss and bereavement 

  • confidence and self-esteem

  • stress

  • gender and sexuality

  • low mood / depression

Some areas in which I have additional experience or a special interest are: childhood trauma, self-harming behaviours, end-of-life work (palliative care), twin loss and bereavement.

I can work with individuals and groups including children, young people and adults.

I strive to be considered an LGBTQ+ Ally who supports and advocates for the queer community.

Enhanced DBS checked and Professional Liability Insurance

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